No matter whether you have a belt spindle, milling spindle or motor spindle, our highly qualified and motivated employees will bring it to the highest performance level – irrespective of manufacturer. We work systematically, efficiently and in a results-oriented way.

As a first step, our experienced employees determine the actual state of the spindle and document it. If the customer awards us the contract to rehaul or repair the spindle, it is time for our actual work to begin. All individual parts are cleaned carefully and defective parts are replaced. After this, all parts with rotary loads at high rpms are balanced according to DIN ISO 1940.

Assembly of the individual parts is carried out with adjustment to all relevant components such as bearing pre-load, longitudinal alignment, non-locating and locating bearings in our fully air-conditioned clean-room production.

Following this, electrical adjustment of all components is carried out. This includes setting the spindle sensors as well as adjusting the spindle to existing drives. Before the spindle can be used, we naturally subject it to a thorough quality inspection. We are also happy to carry out start up and the kinematics setting, as replacing a spindle often requires optimizing the pivoting cycles G7, cycle 19 and cycle 800 again. We measure deviations during pivoting and readjust the parameters.