DSW DasSpindelWerk

DSW DasSpindelWerk not only offers you repairs, service and maintenance but also the DSW Spindle Hotel in Bad Emstal (Hesse, Germany). Here, customers have the option of storing their repaired spindles in order to take advantage of regularly checked run-in procedures, vibration measurements and other maintenance carried out on the motor spindles at agreed time intervals.

A regular cycle within three months forms the basis for maintenance and correct storage. The spindles are inspected under load conditions as they revolve, taking into account their application and the machines used. The result is a spindle that is ready for immediate use.

In the majority of machining companies, replacement spindles are stocked for rapid use in production should spindle failure occur. Often, however, no attention is paid to the correct storage of these replacement spindles. This in turn has a negative impact on the service life of the spindles.

Advantages of the “DSW Spindle Hotel” for your Spindles:

  • Professional spindle storage
  • Clear ownership structures
  • Customers can access their spindles at any time
  • Clearly defined cycles for the necessary inspection criteria
  • Upon request, your spindle is available within four hours
  • If desired: assembly and removal of the spindle by our in-house after-sales service technicians